What Do You Learn At Physical Therapy Continuing Education Classes

Physical therapy continuing education classes are an ongoing part of being a professional in this field.

What Does A Physical Therapist Do?

A physical therapist helps those with who suffer from disabilities caused by injury or disease to stay fit and healthy. They work with their patients to help them learn to use their bodies to regain strength, balance and coordination.

Professionals are required to be licensed in their state of practice after graduating from an accredited physical therapist program. They are also required to attend a certain number of hours of continuing education classes in order to keep their license.

Many physical therapists work closely with doctors, implementing treatment plans to bring patients to a level of full functioning as much as possible after illness or injury.

This means they must have an understanding of biomechanics, neuroanatomy and human growth and development. They must also be able to communicate with not only doctors, but patients and their families and have the capability to advise them on their treatment.

Why Take Physical Therapy Education Classes?

Physical therapy continuing education classes are an integral part of training and development. Not only do they help in professional development, the classes help practitioners keep up with changing rules and guidelines of the state. A career in any branch of the medical field dealing directly with the health of another human being requires ongoing learning to stay on top of things.

Physical therapy courses are offered by reputable and accredited institutions. What are some of the topics covered in continuing education classes?

* Vestibular Rehabilitation: as in therapies for dizziness and imbalance
* Managed Care: focus on quality and accessibility of practitioners
* Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation: physical strengthening exercises for injured shoulders
* HIPPA: regulation compliance and certification
* Stress Management: stress reduction techniques, including for the workplace

For persons who practice physical therapy, continuing education are usually provided by the hospital, clinic or practice in which they are employed, often as lectures or seminars.

However, it is not difficult to find online sources for physical therapy classes conducted by accredited and reputable schools, hospitals and other institutes. These flexible online classes are designed to meet state requirements. Credits obtained through lectures, seminars and online courses are measured in hours and reported to the state by the continuing education provider and recorded under the licensee’s name. Many states now allow physical therapists to renew their licenses online.

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